Random Pieces of Mind


What I do in the company.
I’m the co-founder of Polarr and I am currently working on growing Polarr’s presence in China including hiring more talents as well as getting more exposure.
When and how I joined the company.
I co-founded the company with @Borui Wang and @Derek Yan back in 2014. We went through Stanford StartX 2015 Winter batch in 2015, and got funded at the same year. I left Polarr in 2015 due to personal issue, went back to China and joined Tencent. Borui and Derek and I kept connecting over the years and we both agreed that it’s a great time and opportunity for me to return in 2019.
What I spend the most time doing in the company.
Syncing up US and China company culture, defining Polarr’s global communication strategy, looking for talents to expand our team as well as getting Polarr’s name out there on consumer market.
Area I can help you in the company.
Anything related to talent\branding in China, our remote culture.
Communication style.
I think mutual understanding is the most important part of working together. Therefore I believe all parties need to be on exactly the same page before getting into communicating.
I joke a lot, but that doesn’t mean I am not serious about the topic or issue, it’s more of a passive system I build throughout my childhood.
Be Direct and Logical.
Direct If you think it’s easier to make a call instead of typing, just call me.
Logical If you need help, please sync me up with your reason, objective and plan.
Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you are:

  1. irritated by my choice of words or attitude;
  2. not clear about what I mean;
  3. not happy with my outcome;
  4. offended by my jokes.

Please don’t judge before you have at least 50% knowlegde of the situation.
Please don’t send super long voice message to me in group or DM unless it’s it’s a life and death issue. (For example if the entire cast of the Avengers is hanging off a cliff and the only thing that can save them is a voice-control rope that will drop down to them only if you send a 60s voice message to me in wechat. )
Fun facts about me.

My life prior to joining Polarr.
I was born in Nanjing China, raised in Shanghai and relocated to Shenzhen at the age of 6.
I went to US for college in 2014, where I majored in Econ at Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN. Upon graduation I relocated to Bay area as a headhunter in SFO. Then I met @Borui Wang and started Polarr.
In Q4 2015 I returned to China and joined Tencent as a Game operation specialist. I led a team of 12 and worked on one of the biggest PC game in China with 3mil DAU and 3 bil RMB yearly income.
How to find me outside of work.
I’m usually on Slack and wechat 24/7. I can also be reached at +86 18312491315 if urgent.
Also if you are in Shenzhen, hit me up!

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